Areas of work

The Institute carries out fundamental and applied research and solves the most important and acute tasks of industrial and municipal water economy in the following main fields:  

water supply, watertreatment:

  • designs of water supply systems and facilities, and flow diagrams of water purification for domestic and industrial purposes;
  • methods of water softening, desalination and demineraltzation, production of super-pure water, methods of water conditioning;
  • methods of hydraulic design and cost efficiency calculation of water supply systems for big industrial enterprises, municipalities and agricultural establishments. 

wastewater treatment and sewerage:

  • theoretical ground for wastewater and sludge treatment techniques;
  • new processes, flow diagrams, types and designs of facilities for mechanical, biochemical, chemical and phisica-chemical treatment of various industrial wastewater, treatment of highly concentrated wastewater, and advaced wastewater treatment;
  • principles and methods of industrial wastewater successive reuse;
  • new methods and ways of improving exiting technologies for wastewater sludge treatment and utilization.

recirculating water sypply systems:

  • local closed-loop water supply systems;
  • flow diagrams of treatment of industrial, municipal and surface wastewater to be used as process water. 

engineering hydrogeology, underground ware intake, usage and protection from contamination and depletion:

  • efficient systems and designs of water intake stuctures and methods of their calculation;
  • processes and facilities of industrial treatment of groundwater to be used for potable purposes; groudwater protection against contamination from industrial and municipal sources;
  • efficient systems and designs of drainage facilities for protection of industrial enterprises and residetial areas from underflooding;
  • well productivity restoration techniques;
  • techniques for toxic effluentburial in abussal rock.

hydraulic engineering structures used for water managment:

  • efficient schemes and desings of river water retaining hydravlic structures and methods of their calculation;
  • new types and designs of water instake structures and methods of their calculation;
  • designs of fish protection devices and their location at water instakes and water developments;
  • designs of tailing ponds and sites for storage of solid and liquid industrial wastes and for groundwater protection against polutions by these sources; types and designs of intifiltration and drainage facilities for tailing ponds and sites;
  • methods of calculations and designs of dams to be erected in severe climatic conditions;
  • methods of assessment of water resources of natural and regulated flow of rivers, water quality prediction.

automatic and control of water managment systems:

  • instrumentation and control systems of technological processes of natural and wastewater treatment and transporation, and sludge processing;
  • methods for natural and wastewater quality monitoring.