«NII VODGEO» offers

«NII VODGEO» offers to all enterprises and the organizations concerned:

  • verification of the working enterprises as a whole and of their separate productions with the purpose of reveal the basic sources of pollution of sewage, including specific substances, and development of rational systems of water management of the enterprises that provide ecological safety of the enterprises and places of their arrangement;
  • estimation of serviceability of operating facilities of water treatment and development of technical decisions on their reconstruction with a view to increasing overall perfomance;
  • development of design and cost estimating documents for water supply and sewerage facilities (of local and plant-wide importance) for new and existing enterprises and separate productions;
  • construction of treatment facilities «on a turn-key basis» and work on their adjustment at commissioning;
  • development of technical rules on operation of treatment facilities for water supply and water disposal, training of personnel and rendering assistance in operating the treatment facilities.