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Research and engineering Institute for Water Supply, Sewage Systems, Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Engineering Hydrogeology «NII VODGEO»

Founded in January 1934, «NII VODGEO» is the leading organization in the field of water resources conservation and management, and the only Russian's multi-purpose organization which is engaged in the development implementation of water supply for industrial enterprises, municipalities, rural and industrialized regions.

The Institute carries out fundamental and applied research and solves the most Important and acute tasks of Industrial and municipal water economy in the following main fields:

  • water supply, watertreatment
  • wastewater treatment and sewerage
  • recirculating water sypply systems
  • engineering hydrogeology, underground ware intake, usage and protection from contamination and depletion
  • hydraulic engineering structures used for water managment
  • automatic and control of water managment systems